At Webfoot Outdoors, we appreciate our customers.
Below are just a few comments that our customers have sent.

Greta - Wing Shooting Event

JakeMartha and Joe delivered an excellently planned weekend tailored for the new female wing shooter, but with such a depth of knowledge that even a seasoned hunter would learn a lot! The introduction to safe firearm handling was effortlessly woven into learning how to be independent and confident in preparing and being in the field hunting over dogs. I loved how the weekend was really learning by doing - moving between classroom and field applications with super thoughtful drills and practicing. They truly created a comfortable environment for learning where no question was too small or basic.


Another very successful hunt with my good friends Mark Gawron and Martha Imperator, owners of Webfoot Outdoors and Rimrocks Kennels. This makes 7 years in a row that we have had a successful spring turkey hunt. There is no one better than the Sargent Major Ret. and Martha when it comes to training your hunting dog or hunting Turkey, Ducks and Grouse in upstate NY. Posted via Facebook on May 2, 2018


I want to thank you and Martha of Webfoot Outdoors and the dogs of Rimrock Kennel for providing me with an excellent grouse and woodcock hunting experience. The number of coverts you provided for me to hunt was unprecedented. Your scouting payed off because of the number of grouse and woodcock we saw. The dogs of Rimrock Kennels are some of best grouse dogs I have ever seen in my 30 years of grouse hunting. Both you and Martha knew exactly where we needed to hunt in the coverts to find the birds. The help that both of you gave me to find birds did not go unnoticed.

The hospitality that you and Martha provided me was overwhelming. You both were such gracious hosts. I really appreciate that and it is something I will never forget. The dogs you live with are well behaved, gentle and loving. They make a guest in the house feel like part of the family. In fact I shed a few tears driving down route 12 because I know I my never see Kate again. She is a wonderful old lady.

I look forward to making Webfoot Outdoors and Rimrock Kennels my grouse camp for years to come.

Thank you both for the compliments you gave to Mitzi. It means a lot to me coming from two people who have the credibility you have in the dog world. I’m hoping I’ve made some new friends at Webfoot Outdoors and Rimrock Kennels.

Joe Seibert - October 2014

JakeWhat a wonderful two day grouse hunt in New York with Webfoot Outdoors and Rimrock Kennels. Mark and Martha provided Jeff Aston and myself a wonderful opportunity to have our dogs exposed to 39 woodcock and 26 grouse. Speaking for myself, my dog Mitzi grew into a fantastic grouse and woodcock dog with the number of finds, points, backs and retrieves of both grouse and woodcock. It was on the job training at its best.

Thomas J. Posella Jr., P.E.

JakeMark took extra special care of my two sons (Tommy 14 and Jack 13). They've hunted puddle ducks and have shot lots of sporting clays - but little can prepare a new hunter for the amazing diver hunt Mark put them on. He knew exactly where the birds were, set up was amazing - we had dozens and dozens of decoys out in minutes and the boys were set up and ready to shoot. It's a good thing I found a sale on ammo!! They had so much fun - and had the sore shoulders and smiles to prove it! Mark is truly an amazing guide treating my boys as if they were his. I think he worried more about them than I did! They are already talking about next years trip! Thanks Mark!

Tommy and Jack Posella

JakeOur hunt with Webfoot Outdoors was nothing short of amazing. It was a trip like we had never experienced before. It seemed as if the guys knew exactly where all the birds would be. It was the first diver duck hunt for the both of us and I have to say those birds are very hard to hit. To say the least there was plenty of shooting. The lay out boat experience was also new for both my brother and I. It is definitely not the same as shooting in the swamp. The birds fly a lot differently on the water than in the swamp and the birds are coming right at you from all directions. We were well prepared by the guides and felt as if we were able to get the full experience. Overall it was a great and successful hunt.

Matt Judice Hunt

JakeI have had the privilege of hunting Duck, Goose and Grouse with Mark and Martha numerous times over the last few years, not only have I had great success at limiting out each time, but I have memories that will last a lifetime. Mark and Martha are true professionals as well as outstanding individuals to get to know as people.

3 years ago I purchased my German shorthaired pointer puppy from Rimrock Kennels (now Webfoot). I have spent the last 2 years training under the guidance of Martha and Mark. My dog has won a Prize 1 in Natural Ability from NAVHDA since then and is well on her way to a Prize 1 Utility score. Not only is my dog a phenomenal hunter, but she is the best family dog I have ever owned. Martha's unique approach to training turns out a dog you can brag about to your hunting buddies as well as your neighbors.

John Conley

I have been hunting with Mark since I moved to Rochester in 2005. We have hunted Geese, Ducks, and Grouse in Western New York and in upstate NY around the St. Lawrence River region. We have hunted in just about every conceivable weather condition and in ground blinds, boat blinds, layout boats, and in flooded marsh. Mark is a true professional who scouts the birds, is always on time, listens to his clients and takes the time to teach his clients new tricks. I keep going back to Mark because the hunt and the experience is always great and the company excellent. I look forward to hunting with Mark at his new camp this fall.


AspenMy thanks to you, Martha, Pete, Sergeant Major, Honor, Kane and Katie for a spectacular two days of Duck and Grouse hunting. The weather was perfect and we had plenty of Ducks to shoot. Mallards on Friday, (my marksmanship could have been better), followed up with the best Layout Boat Hunt I have ever had as we did some whacking and Stacking of the Fresh Blue Bills that came in on Friday. I can still see those birds coming down the decoy line and flaring at 20 yards when we sat up. Picture perfect. Slot me in for the early Duck next year which should be the first Saturday in October and then my usual hunt the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving. I have sent this photo out to many of my comrades and am confident that I will not be alone this year. I know of no other place where you can do world class duck hunting in the morning combined with fabulous Grouse hunting in the afternoon working with Champion grade dogs. You are the best deal going in the US.