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Meet Our Dogs

Martha & Cain
Qualified VC 2012

Mark & Sergeant Major
Qualified VC 2013

Sky’s Katydid “Katy”
NAVHDA UT Prize 1 (196)

Katy chose to retire as a fifteen year old veteran, she was a methodical, close working dog, with an incredible nose. Katy helped many new hunters produce and bag their first grouse or woodcock. In her guiding career she has hunted with us from the North Eastern U.S and Canada to the Pacific North West and all the covers in between. Any hunter that ever had the privilege to hunt over her left the field with the feeling that no leaf was unturned and no game was left behind. Today she is one of the most loving companions you could ever meet. She will bring a smile to your face as she greets you after a good day in the field. If for some reason she is not around don’t worry, she is probably working someone for a treat or soaking up all the heat from the fire.

Rimrocks Honor This “Honor”
NAVHDA NA prize 1 (112) UT prize 1 (200)

Honor lives to hunt no matter what type of game it maybe. She moves fast and smooth through the woods, as if she knew where each bird was located before even getting out of the truck. She is a very dedicated, close working hunter that will give you a great day in the grouse woods or duck blind. After the hunt is done, move over because she loves to snuggle up with you, wherever you are. She is a true joy to have on the team here at Webfoot.

VC Rimrocks Raisin Cain “Cain”
NAVHDA NA prize 1 (112) UT prize 1 (204) VC (197)

Cain is like her mother (Honor) and hunts like it is her only job in life. She is a pleasure to watch as she makes her way through the woods, and points like no other dog I have ever seen. Cain will show you that hunt that you will be talking about for years to come. Not much more that you can say about a dog that makes it look easy. She is the dog of a lifetime.

VC Rimrocks Sergeant Major “Sergeant Major”
NAVHDA NA (112) UT (199) VC (197)
Third dog in his litter to achieve the VC title

Sergeant Major is truly one of a kind. He is a pleasure to own, train and hunt over. He is a strong, confident hunter that controls the field and grouse woods but his true passion is in the duck blind. His drive to retrieve is as strong as any Labrador I have ever worked with. I am sure you will enjoy hunting over SGM. That is if he lets you in the club.

Rimrocks Black Tie Affair “Stiletto”

Stiletto is the newest member of the Webfoot working dog family. She is the product of years of breeding and shows great promise. She has tremendous natural ability and likes nothing better than to train. We are excited to see her develop her skills and learn from the other dogs as she gets ready for her apprenticeship in the 2014 hunting season. Look out mom (Cain) here I come.

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