At Webfoot Outdoors, we appreciate our customers.
Below are just a few comments that our customers have sent.

Greta - Wing Shooting Event

JakeMartha and Joe delivered an excellently planned weekend tailored for the new female wing shooter, but with such a depth of knowledge that even a seasoned hunter would learn a lot! The introduction to safe firearm handling was effortlessly woven into learning how to be independent and confident in preparing and being in the field hunting over dogs. I loved how the weekend was really learning by doing - moving between classroom and field applications with super thoughtful drills and practicing. They truly created a comfortable environment for learning where no question was too small or basic.

Jason and Shelley & Charlie

JakeMark & Martha have changed our lives. We initially reached out to them after a friend recommended their services to inquire if they had an upcoming GSP litter with available pups. Webfoot did not have a pending litter, but Mark helped me think through the type of GSP we were looking for and helped connect us to a fantastic breeder.
We brought Charlie home when she was 8 weeks old and took her to Webfoot for the first time when she was 10 weeks old. She is the first dog we’ve ever had in our family. We initially believed we would predominantly run and walk with Charlie but not use her as a hunting dog. Our first session was one on one with Mark & Martha and helped us understand some basics of raising and training a young pup. Over the next several weeks we took Charlie to Webfoot’s obedience classes on Saturdays. What Mark & Martha taught us during those sessions was invaluable as we worked with Charlie in our home each and everyday to be a well-behaved good citizen. As Charlie grew & learned, I grew as well... developing a tremendous respect for her and a commitment to training her to achieve her purpose of being a bird dog.
Over the past couple of months we have transitioned from group sized obedience training to private sessions for basic and intermediate level bird dog work. Armed with the knowledge from those sessions, and Mark’s untiring willingness to answer my questions via text..., I am better able to train with Charlie during the week and we are developing into a true team. After a dozen Saturdays with Mark & Martha, and the daily training sessions Charlie and I have enjoyed together, she is a bird dog. She is calm and well-behaved in our home, and she is also a bird finding machine. She points and retrieves birds; she quarters in front of me and whoa’s & recalls flawlessly.
A year ago if you told me we’d have a dog and I would be devoted to training her to achieve her purpose as a working bird dog I wouldn’t have believed you. But that’s where we are and we owe much to Mark & Martha. Thank you is simply not enough.

Aaron Eichel & Duke

JakeThanks to Mark and Martha at Webfoot Outdoors, we now have an incredible dog!! On the youth hunt this year, Duke was awesome at retrieving our ducks. The second bird Angelo shot was wounded and Duke got her for us like a champ!

Chad Sullivan & Jake

JakeMark and Martha are wonderful people who are at the top of their profession as it pertains to all areas of dog training. I told Mark my plans for Jake, from there Mark laid out a training program from puppy obedience to preparing Jake for AKC Master Hunter competition. I’ve learned, often the hard way, not to jump ahead in Jake’s training. The only problems Jake’s had is when I’ve jumped ahead. Mark and Martha not only understand the training process, they fully understand your dog, and its individual needs. Mark’s never jumped ahead of a critical training component without Jake being completely trained and ready for the next level of training. Jake, still a very young dog, recently passed two days of testing on his way to certifying as an AKC Junior Hunter.vJake’s my first dog, it was our first test; I was extremely proud of the way he ran. I’m already excited about next week’s training with Mark and Martha.

Jake Cole & Sarge

JakeI first took my Black Labrador Sarge to Webfoot Outdoors when he was almost 3. When Sarge started, he had little to no training and as stubborn as could be. But within a few months of weekly training I now have a retrieving machine. He's steady, successfully retrieving multiple marked birds, as well as blind retrieves. He works either out of the boat, off shore or on land. Sarge does on outstanding job for us. Sarge's performance and attitude has not only improved in the field but at home as well. I couldn't be more grateful for the help from Mark and Martha at Webfoot Outdoors.

Meagan DePeu & Zeb

JakeYou can easily tell Mark and Martha love what they do by the effort and care they take in working with a dog AND the handler. They are not just dog people. They are the people that use their knowledge and experience to understand and help make both a dog and its owner successful in training. Their ability to assess the situation, adapt when needed and persevere is outstanding. My dog, Zeb and I are fortunate to have access to such a great training and boarding resource that goes the extra mile. Of the close to 2000 miles round trip I have drove in the winter for opportunity to work on force fetch training, I know every one of those miles was worth it to receive the quality of training and facility available at Webfoot.

Joe Sparacino & Boone

JakeI have been working with Mark and Martha of Webfoot Outdoors for about 9 months with my Black Labrador Retriever, Boone. Not only have they provided me with extensive knowledge about nutrition, health, and training for my dog, but they have also been imperative in shaping him into the incredible hunter that he is today. Because of their assistance, Boone has retrieved four man limits of ducks and geese with ease and has mastered commands that I never would've imagined a 1 year old dog could handle. From basic obedience to mastered gun dogs, Mark and Martha can help you!!! I am so grateful for their expertise and can proudly say that I am the envy of the field with my best friend, Boone, because of their excellent services!

John, Andrea & Felix

JakeMartha and Mark have been training our dog, Felix, for several months since we adopted him from a local rescue. When he arrived at our home, Felix was inhibited, scared of adult men, didn't know any commands or how to play with toys, and was terrified of other dogs.

They have been crucial in helping us rehabilitate and train our new dog. In just a few months he has nearly completed basic obedience. He is able to sit, stay, come, lay down, walk nicely on leash, heel, leave it, retrieve, kennel up, and much more. We've progressed into agility training in order to continue strengthening our bond with Felix, and have seen amazing progress in hisocialization and behavior toward other dogs. We hope to take and pass the Canine Good Citizen test in the coming months.

We realized early in training that the two of us were learning even more in our lessons than Felix was learning. This has continued through our classes, and now all of us - both canine and human - have much more confidence. In addition to training, Martha and Mark have provided us with invaluable advice about nutrition and general health for our dog.

We consider ourselves extraordinarily lucky to have access to such talented and dedicated trainers, and truly enjoy the time we spend with Martha and Mark.


JakeAspen is co-owned by Perry Masotti and Barbara Koskos. Like the other Rimrocks dogs, Aspen is very cooperative and was not difficult to train. He passed the NAVHDA Invitational in 2012 earning the title of Versatile Champion. His desire to work and to please made training him a fun process. He is a temperamentally and physically balanced dog whose conformation leads to efficiency in the field and woods. Like his parents, (Rimrocks Honor This and Up N’ Adam’s Speckled Baron) and litter mates, he has reach and grace, as well as a very intense point. He handles easily and his retrieve is typically calm and patient.

Despite his energy and desire to work, he switches gears easily, whether relaxing in the house, motel, or cabin, or sitting quietly in a field or waterside blind or small duck boat. He has quite successfully hunted diverse wild-game species, including many types of waterfowl, Ruffed and Sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Pheasant, Woodcock, and rabbits. His ability to switch between different and new types of hunting situations, terrain, and game species exemplifies our versatile hunting dogs. He has consistently done, with joy and without hesitation, everything asked of him. Aspen is an exceptional hunting and household companion.

Margo, Justin & Ellie

JakeWe have been attending training classes at Webfoot Outdoors with Martha and Mark since October 2012. They have helped us and our rambunctious Golden Retriever, Ellie, to learn basic obedience commands. Their experience and enthusiasm have allowed us to provide Ellie with everything she needs to be less anxious and obedient to command. She now responds to sit, stay, down, heel, and come. Their obedience classes are informative, challenging, and very instructional yet always fun, with new experiences at each session. Martha and Mark are always looking for feedback on what we want to do with our dog and to gear the training towards achieving those goals. We are very happy with the training and progress we have made and would highly recommend them! Thanks to Martha and Mark, Ellie is growing into a well-behaved pet!

Jason Brunet & Millie

JakeAs first time dog owners we were recommended to Mark and Martha by relatives for basic obedience training. Totally clueless about dogs, we met with them both and were instantly blown away by their dogs and the way they handled them. We have spent several months training Millie, our black Labrador on basic obedience training and now she is currently working through gun dog training. Millie is capable of much more than we could have imagined and we owe it all to the excellent training she has received. I cannot wait to hunt alongside my dog this fall. Mark and Martha are professional, courteous, and always go above and beyond. Their positive attitude and perseverance has helped Millie be successful. The training facilities are great and they have every training aid you can imagine. Through training our dog and the hunting opportunities I have had with them both, I highly recommend them for any of your dogs training needs.

Jon & Kristen Taylor

JakeWe highly recommend Web Foot Outdoors for dog boarding and training. Martha and Mark provide a clean, safe, and fun environment for dog boarding and their expertise in dog training is unparalleled. It's great to be able to leave our dog with people who care so much about her. Thank you Web Foot Outdoors!