This page is dedicated to the ones that work so hard and put everything they have into the sport we love so much. The dogs that would do anything to please not just a master, but a lifelong friend and teammate. They are the true example of unconditional love right up until the last moments that they are with us. At Webfoot Outdoors, we could not imagine life without them.

Rimrocks Black Tie Affair
May 21, 2013 - January 7, 2022

November 11, is a date that most remember as Veterans Day. To me it has additional significance, it symbolizes the passing of my father and the birth of Stiletto’s last litter.

Stiletto required a c-section but mom and pups were all doing well after surgery. It was a small but incredible litter. It was amazing to watch her care for those little creatures, not showing any signs of discomfort from labor or the surgery. Her sole focus was to nurture her puppies . Sixteen days later she became lethargic, but never stopped being a perfect mom. After a visit to the veterinarian, she was diagnosed with acute kidney disease. Immediately we aggressively treated her. Twenty four hour care with fluids, various medications and sleepless nights of bottle feeding puppies. WHY, did this happen ??? No answers were to be found. Bloodwork normal prior to surgery, she was healthy, strong, and hard charging. To no avail, 6 weeks later I had to make that difficult decision that no one wants to make.

Looking back over her life she lived to train & hunt, she had no time for small talk. She was driven and accepted any challenge she was presented with. Although training was difficult at times , I could never thank her enough for all she taught me. No matter how tough the conditions she NEVER quit on me. She always gave her all, until the day she entrusted me with her life and layed in my arms. Loss of a companion is never easy but unexpected and in their prime is heart wrenching. Her spirit lives with in her puppies. The official names of the puppies all carry phrases to honor those whom sacrificed their lives for their country;

  • Rimrocks Metal Of Honor
  • Rimrocks Ultimate Sacrifice
  • Rimrocks Red, White, And Blue
  • Rimrocks Lest We Forget

To all the owners blessed with a puppy, all I can says is …. hold on for the ride of your life. The adventures are only limited by time & excuses.

Stiletto you will be greatly missed!

Rimrocks Honor This
April 19, 2003 - November 18, 2015

Raise your glasses to celebrate the life of RIMROCKS HONOR THIS. Many of us have had a dog of a lifetime. Honor was that and so much more. Honor passed on all the traits we long for in a hunting companion. She was a dog that produced many dogs for a lifetime. As the mother of 3 versatile champions and grandmother to a forth it shows just how high she raised the bar. She earned a position as a guide dog at some of the most prestigious clubs in the Eastern United States. In her career, she pursued a variety of species from upland game to waterfowl and hare. Honor’s true passion was in the grouse woods. While hunting she moved with speed and grace that made the king of game birds freeze enabling me to get a shot. Her marking and retrieving ability made her a vital part of conservation. Our last hunt will always remain in my memories. Honor tracked a covey of Hungarian partridge through sparse cover at the edge of a cornfield. She ever so cautiously went on point and allowed us to harvest two of these most precious birds. She gladly did everything that was asked of her. Her presence will be greatly be missed. I can still hear the thump of her tail whenever I was close, as she laid motionless on her bed. We had an emotional and mental bond that leaves a large empty space in my heart. Honor, say hello to your mother Kadydid and be ready to take to the grouse woods when we see each other again.

August 6, 1998 - December 19, 2014

How blessed I was to share 16 1/2 years with not only a friend but a faithful companion. On December 19, 2014, I provided safe passage for Katydid to her next hunting cover. She will join up with her old hunting buddies, Jake, Spec and her son Storm.

For those of you not fortunate enough to have known her she brought joy to everyone she met. She truly believed anyone who came to our home, came to visit her. You better have a treat! A shake of the head squinted eyes and her flying nun ears were part of her standard greeting. If you were really special a whoo ooh, was followed by a Katydid dance.In need of guidance in training a pointing dog, I discovered NAVHDA. Here Katy and I learned about the world of testing and received a UT Prize I. Many great friendships were built.

She was my first hunting dog. She taught me more then I could imagine. In her gentle way, she taught me to be a hunter by taking me to covers that produced game. Over the years she produced many first grouse and woodcock harvests for those that had the pleasure to hunt over her.

Her empty bed is by the fire but her presence will always be felt. She leaves us as a great, great grandmother passing on her unconditional love to others through her offspring.


MHR Jake
April 19, 2001 - October 1, 2010

Jake was, without a question, the finest animal I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He was an all business retriever that would never quit on a hunt or accept failure on a hunt test. He retrieved falling game numbering in the thousands during his career as a Waterfowl guide dog and achieved the title of Master Hunter (MHR) from the North American Hunting Retrievers Association (NAHRA). Jake was a true friend and a member of the family. I will always miss him lying at my feet every night or on the floor next to the bed. He would always be looking and waiting for that chance that we might be going hunting. Jake hunted geese on September 24, 2010, retrieving a limit for 4 guns and died in my arms on October 1, 2010, of cancer. Neither Jake nor myself would not have had it any other way. A friend must never die alone. I hope you are hunting right now buddy. We miss you!!